Choose A Luxury Car Rental In Zurich For Your Next Occasion

by on 17/10/16 at 5:38 am

Zurich is a wonderful city and the best way to see it is to rent a luxury vehicle. Apex is the best when it comes to luxury car hire in Zurich and they have an extensive fleet of beautiful vehicles to choose from. Choosing to rent a luxury vehicle adds a special element to any occasion. Whether it is a wedding or a night on the town, driving around in one of these gorgeous cars makes the entire experience extra special. You can also really impress your business clients when you pick them up for a meeting in a stretch limousine.

Choosing an exotic car rental is the perfect way to spice up your next trip. Pass that standard sedan right by and rent a BMW convertible or a Ferrari for the day. Most luxury car rental agencies will work with you to find the perfect vehicle. You will almost certainly pay more to rent one of these vehicles than if you rent a standard sedan, but if you are careful, you can save some money on your luxury car rental.

bentley-3d-animationThere are several items to check for on the rental contract. First, most rental car agencies will advertise a price on Facebook that does not include sales taxes. This means the rental price you pay will most likely be more than the advertised rental price.

The amount of sales tax will depend on your location and the local taxes for the area or country where you are renting. Most sales tax on luxury car rentals is between 10 and 25 percent. To get a good idea of your final rental price, ask the rental agency about taxes before renting the car.

Another cost that is often hidden in the rental car contract is the airport fee. This is an additional fee that many luxury and standard car rental agencies charge when you pick up their vehicle at the airport.

These fees typically cover drop off and pick up of the vehicle as well as facility fees. They may also include a discount recovery fee. You can avoid the airport fee if you rent from a luxury car rental agency that is located away from the airport.

Rental insurance is another possible fee that you will be charged when you rent a luxury vehicle. While your personal car insurance may cover a rental car, many do not and if you have an accident while driving a luxury vehicle, you may be liable for the entire cost of the vehicle or any other damages. The luxury car rental agency will most likely offer you rental insurance and if your personal car insurance does not cover the rental car, you should purchase this insurance.

The luxury car rental agency like Apex Luxury Car Hire or will offer you the choice to purchase gas from them or on the economy. Most of the time, it is less expensive to purchase gas yourself and bring the vehicle back with a full tank.

Renting a luxury vehicle can make a good date a perfect one. Check with the best luxury car rental in Zurich and enjoy your night on the town.